Neglia, BPO offer a charming ‘Nutcracker’

By Steve Sucato News Contributing Reviewer In its fifth consecutive year, the collaboration between Neglia Ballet Artists and Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra on “The Nutcracker” has blossomed into a holiday tradition. That tradition continued Saturday as the two institutions, along with Shea’s Performing Arts Center, once again presented the family-friendly production. The ballet, choreographed by Neglia’s Sergio Neglia and Heidi Halt, told the familiar story of young … Continue reading Neglia, BPO offer a charming ‘Nutcracker’

A Captivatingly Magical ‘Nutcracker’

By Steve Sucato News Contributing Reviewer Perhaps more than just another holiday tradition, “The Nutcracker” ballet is for many like a dear old friend you see once a year or so who, remarkably, never ages and whose warmth never fails to conjure fond memories. For a child seeing “The Nutcracker” for the first time, it is an enchanting experience like no other – one whose … Continue reading A Captivatingly Magical ‘Nutcracker’