Amazing Grace

By Steve Sucato In the tough neighborhood where Black Grace artistic director/choreographer Neil Ieremia grew up, dancing didn’t figure into everyday life. The son of Samoan parents living in New Zealand, Ieremia says he was exposed to traditional Polynesian singing and dancing at social functions (weddings, funerals) and through school and church youth groups. But it wasn’t until he began seeing music videos from America … Continue reading Amazing Grace

Ballet Inspired by Grief Center Premieres

By Steve Sucato Bodiography Contemporary Ballet artistic director Maria Caruso’s dance works have always come from a caring place. But the latest in her string of health-care-related dance works, Whispers of Light, literally comes from the Caring Place. The poignant work is set to an original score by Carnegie Mellon University professor of composition Nancy Galbraith that’s performed live by a 13-piece orchestra. It was inspired by … Continue reading Ballet Inspired by Grief Center Premieres