Dancing Pixels: Gia T. Presents explore The Frequency of Structure and Flow

Gia Cacalano. Photo by Stacey Drummond, Snickerty Feet Photography
Gia Cacalano. Photo by Stacey Drummond, Snickerty Feet Photography.

By Steve Sucato

Gia Cacalano and troupe return to Wood Street Galleries with the latest Gia T. Presents production, The Frequency of Structure and Flow. The 75-minute work, like 2012’s sold-out Blink, is a collaboration between Cacalano’s international troupe of dancers and musicians and an exhibit at the gallery. The Frequency of Structure and Flow responds to Paris-based technological artist Miguel Chevalier’s digital-media work “The Origin of the World,” part of his exhibition Power Pixels 2013CP critic Robert Raczka described “The Origin of the World” as resembling “an animation of cell division or abstracted rippling water.” The work, which is partially triggered by movement sensors, provides Cacalano’s work with its main theme — that the dancers represent pixels that have somehow escaped from the exhibit. But the work is so visually stimulating that Cacalano and company have had to devise ways to temper their collaboration so as not to overwhelm audiences with too much simultaneous activity. Cacalano says the dancing — which like the music will be improvised — will be performed in mostly solos and duets, and the dancers will be costumed in monochromatic colors that complement the exhibit. Says Cacalano: “Clarity of movement will be our primary focus.”

8 p.m. Fri., March 29, and 8 p.m. Sat., March 30. 601 Wood St., Downtown. $15-20. Limited seating; reservations at giatc3@yahoo.com.

This article first appeared in Pittsburgh City Paper March 27, 2013. Copyright Steve Sucato

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