Airings: Geeksdanz offers up chills and thrills in ‘Manifestations’

Illustration by Alex Mitchell
Illustration by Alex Mitchell

By Steve Sucato

In April, Ellen Deutsch’s Geeksdanz interpreted the high-tech world of video gaming. Now her fledgling troupe explores a much older, low-tech form of entertainment: ghost stories.

Manifestations ─ at Shadyside’s intimate Steel City Improv Theater ─ seeks to tingle spines and chill blood. Four dancers will perform to six stories by award-winning storyteller Alan Irvine, drawn from legends, folk tales and literary classics including Bram Stoker‘s “The Judge’s House”.

The interpretations range from pretty realistic to very abstract, says Deutsch. A half-hour family-friendly early show features three G-rated stories; two hour-long performances add three PG-13-rated tales.

Geeksdanz presents Manifestations 7 p.m. (family show) and 8 and 10 p.m., Steel City Improv Theater, 5950 Ellsworth Ave., Shadyside. $5-10. Reservations at

This article first appeared in Pittsburgh City Paper October 16, 2013. Copyright Steve Sucato.

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