Seventh edition of LightLab performance series to focus on dance

Jil Stifel in "my dna". Photo by Blaine Siegel.
Jil Stifel in “my dna”. Photo by Blaine Siegel.

By Steve Sucato

The seventh edition of the LightLab performance series takes place Sept. 27 at Carnegie Mellon University’s Miller Gallery. The series, co-curated by musician David Bernabo and dancer/choreographer Taylor Knight, fosters what Bernabo calls “more progressive dance, music, film and performance art pieces.”This 45-minute all-dance edition, part of the 2014 Pittsburgh Biennial, includes dancer/choreographer Jil Stifel’s new work-in-progress solo “my dna,” from her upcoming evening-length show Why Not Here? Set to a soundscape by Bernabo, with set design by Blaine Siegel that includes a costume bull’s head that Stifel dons, the solo examines “the human desire to travel and seek out the unknown and how our more base or animal nature relates to this yearning,” she says. Also on the program is a reworking of Knight and Anna Thompson‘s 2013 duet “memory 3,” set to music by the pair. According to Taylor, the piece is an examination of itself as if it were caught in a continuous loop: What would time and repetition do to it? Rounding out the program is Maree ReMalia | merrygogo‘s latest duet, “guttural/proximal.” It’s danced by ReMalia and Bernabo (who also did the sound); ReMalia says it’s a response to her recent visit to Israel and the military operations there that left her “brimming with emotion and internal conflict.” 6 p.m. Sat., Sept. 27. CMU campus, Oakland. Admission is pay-what-you-can. 412-268-3618 or

Jil Stifel in "my dna". Photo by Blaine Siegel.
Jil Stifel in “my dna”. Photo by Blaine Siegel.

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