International Improv

Gia T. Photo by Ricardo Iamuuri.
Gia T. Photo by Ricardo Iamuuri.

By Steve Sucato

This season’s second and largest program in Gia T. Presents’ Candescense series features artistic director Gia Cacalano’s international ensemble in an improvisational group work also called “Candescense.”

The work will be performed twice this weekend at PearlArts Studios to a live improvised electronic soundscape by Jong Kagi Park (South Korea/Netherlands). It features dancers Cacalano; her brother Vincent Cacialano (England); Miri Lee (South Korea); Joanna Reed (Pittsburgh); and Wendell Cooper (New York City).

Like Cacalano’s solo of the same name, performed last month at Wood Street Galleries, the work will use the performance space as an trigger for the improvised movement Cacalano calls “instant composition.” Also inspiring the dancers will be two projected-video environments, one created by British visual artist Alan McDermott and the other by Cooper. Cooper’s video environment features a moving lattice of white lines on a black background that swells and contracts in density.

“With all the elements we are connecting with duration and time,” says Cacalano. “The dancing follows a pattern of flow, pause and exit.”

Cacalano says the work will evolve conceptually up until it is performed, but ideas of personal identity and absence of self will factor into the piece.

Gia T. Presents perfoms Candescense  8 p.m. Fri., April 10, and 8 p.m. Sat., April 11. 201 Braddock Ave. (sixth floor), Point Breeze. $15-20. Reservations at

This article first appeared in Pittsburgh City Paper on April 8, 2015. Copyright Steve Sucato.

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