61Syx Teknique is ‘breaking’ barriers in advancing one of hip hop’s original dance forms

IMG_5699 (2)
Owner/Director Keegan Loye. Photo credit Darline Nguyen.

By Steve Sucato

In the heart of Grand Rapids’ Comstock Park neighborhood sits an anomaly. No, it’s not a giant sinkhole or a time portal to another dimension—it’s something far more innocuous but perhaps just as rare: a dance school that exclusively teaches breakdancing.

61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy, with its graffiti-adorned walls, is one of just a few dance schools in the nation that exclusively teaches breakdance. Most dance studios offer classes in a variety of dance styles. Even the ones with a hip hop dance concentration generally offer training in several styles within the genre, such as popping, locking, and krumping. The narrow focus is something 61Syx Teknique owner/director Keegan “Seoul” Loye says is at the heart of their philosophy as artists and teachers.

“We want to pass down the legacy of breaking to others,” says Loye. “Although breaking has been a street dance for decades, it is still very new when it comes to being taught in dance studios.”

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